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About Us

The Signal is based in the Pacific Northwest; a musical hotbed that has produced some of the most daring and successful musicians of our generation. It is within this rich landscape full of inspiration and passion, that the The Signal was born. We started in 2003 as a live music club in Vancouver, Washington that hosted both local and national punk and hardcore acts with the intent of providing a safe place for youth to hang out and get off the streets. Our vision for investing in the community where we do business in has never died. We believe in supporting living wage jobs right here in America, That is why we have chosen to carry only products made or assembled in the United States. We are also commited to supporting music education, clean water, living wages, and justice for the oppressed. 

We carry the best sounding, the most well designed, and the finest crafted musical instruments this world has to offer including but not limited to Matchless, Bad Cat, TopHat Amps, Jackson Ampworks, Morgan Amplification, Red Rocket Guitars, B.A. Ferguson Guitars, Nelson instruments, ASG Guitars, Normandy Guitars, JHS Pedals, and Mojo Hand FX Pedals, Earthquaker Devices.

We hope you enjoy our store and please contact us anytime!